(Acceptance Rates: 43%)


Database Theory - 1


A Log File Analysis Technique using Binary-Based Approach

Sallam Osman Fageeri, Rohiza Ahmad, and Baharum Baharudin


An Application of Oversampling, Undersampling, Bagging and Boosting in Handling Imbalanced Dataset

Bee Wah Yap, Khatijahhusna Abd Rani, Hezlin Aryani Abd Rahman,

Simon Fong, Zuraida Khairudin, and Nik Nairan Abdullah


Excel-Database Converting System using Data Normalization Technique

Rohiza Ahmad, Prum Saknakosnak, and Yew Kwang Hooi


Model for Automatic Textual Data Clustering in Relational Databases Schema

Wael M.S. Yafooz, Siti Z.Z. Abidin, Nasiroh Omar, and Rosenah A. Halim


Sampling Semantic Data Stream: Resolving Overload and Limited Storage Issues

Naman Jain, Manuel Pozo, Raja Chiky, and Zakia Kazi-Aoul


Shared-Table for Textual Data Clustering in Distributed Relational Databases

Wael M.S. Yafooz ,  Siti Z.Z. Abidin, Nasiroh Omar and Rosenah A. Halim


Data Warehousing and Mining - 2


A Graph-based Reliable User Classification

Bayar Tsolmon, and Kyung-Soon Lee


A Modified Artificial Bee Colony Optimization for Functional Link Neural Network Training

Yana Mazwin Mohmad Hassim, and Rozaida Ghazali


A Review on Bloom Filter Based Approaches for RFID Data Cleaning

Hairulnizam Mahdin


An Unsupervised, Fast Correlation-based Filter for Feature Selection for Data Clustering

Part Pramokchon and Punpiti Piamsa-nga


Comparison of Feature Dimension Reduction Approach for Writer Verification

Rimashadira Ramlee, Azah Kamilah Muda, and Nurul Akmar Emran


Countering the Problem of Oscillations in Bat-BP Gradient Trajectory by using Momentum

Nazri Mohd Nawi, M. Z. Rehman, and Abdullah Khan


CSBPRNN: A New Hybridization Technique using Cuckoo Search To Train Back Propagation Recurrent Neural Network

Nazri Mohd. Nawi, Abdullah khan, and M. Z. Rehman


Data Mining of Protein Sequences with Amino Acid Position Based Feature Encoding Technique

Muhammad Javed Iqbal, Ibrahima Faye, Abas Md Said, and Brahim Belhaouari Samir


Detecting Definite Least Association Rules in Medical Databases

Zailani Abdullah, Tutut Herawan, and Mustafa Mat Deris


Discovering Interesting Association Rules from Student Admission Dataset

Zailani Abdullah, Tutut Herawan, and Mustafa Mat Deris


Follower Classification Based on User Behavior for Issue Clusters

Kwang-Yong Jeong, Jae-Wook Seol, and Kyung Soon Lee


Implementation of Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm on Functional Link Neural Network for Temperature and Relative Humidity Prediction

Siti Zulaikha Bt Abu Bakar, Rozaida Bt Ghazali, Lokman Hakim Bin Ismail


Mining Indirect Least Association Rule

Zailani Abdullah, Tutut Herawan, and Mustafa Mat Deris


Negative Selection Algorithm: A Survey on the Epistemology of Generating Detectors

Ayodele Lasisi, Rozaida Ghazali, and Tutut Herawan


Nonparametric Orthogonal NMF and Its Application in Cancer Clustering

Andri Mirzal


Optimal Parameters Estimation in AWJ Machining Process using Active Set Method

Andri Mirzal


Orthogonal Wavelet Support Vector Machine for Predicting Crude Oil Prices

Haruna Chiroma, Sameem Abdul-Kareem, Adamau Abubakar, Akram M. Zeki, and Mohammed Joda Usman


Performance Comparison of Two Fuzzy Based Models in Predicting Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Herrini Mohd Pauziand Lazim Abdullah


Survey on Product Reviews Sentiment Classification and Analysis Challenges

Mubarak Himmat and Naomie Salim


SVD based Gene Selection Algorithm

Andri Mirzal


The Social Network Role in Improving Recommendation Performance of Collaborative Filtering

Waleed Reafee and Naomie Salim


Time Series Clustering: A Superior Alternative for Market Basket Analysis

Swee Chuan Tan, Jess Pei San Lau


To Boost Graph Clustering Based on Power Iteration by Removing Outliers

Amin Azmoodeh, Sattar Hashemi


Weight-Based Firefly Algorithm for Document Clustering

Athraa Jasim Mohammed, Yuhanis Yusof, and Husniza Husni


Image and Video Processing - 3


A Comparative Study of Tree-based Structure Methods for Handwriting Identification

Nooraziera Akmal Binti Sukor, Azah Kamilah Muda, Noor Azilah Muda, and Choo Yun Huoy


An Audio Steganography Technique to Maximize Data Hiding Capacity along with Least Modification of Host

Lukman Bin Ab. Rahim, Shiladitya Bhattacharjee, and Izzatdin B A Aziz


Carving linearly JPEG images using Unique Hex Patterns(UHP)

Nurul Azma Abdullah, Rosziati Ibrahim,  Kamaruddin Malik Mohamad, and Norhamreeza Abdul Hamid


Distinguishing Twins by Gait via Jackknife-Like Validation in Classification Analysis

Wan-Noorshahida Mohd-Isa, Junaidi Abdullah, and Chikkanan Eswaran


Fingertips Tracking Based Active Contour for General HCI Application

Kittasil Silanon and Nikom Suvonvorn


Parallel Full HD Video Decoding for Multicore architecture

S. Sankaraiah, Lam Hai Shuan, C. Eswaran, and Junaidi Abdullah


Information Processing and Integration - 4


A Comparison Study on Different Crowd Motion Estimation Algorithms using Matlab

Ibrahim Kajo, Nidal Kamel, and Aamir Saeed Malik


A Modified LRE-TL Real-time Multiprocessor Scheduling Algorithm

Hitham Alhussian, Nordin Zakaria, Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, and Hussein T. Bahbouh


Border Noise Removal and Clean Up Based on Retinex Theory

Marian Wagdy, Ibrahima Faye, and Dayang Rohaya


Chinese and Korean Cross-Lingual Issue News Detection based on Translation Knowledge of Wikipedia

Shengnan Zhao, Bayar Tsolmon, Kyung-Soon Lee, and Young-Seok Lee


Collision Avoidance Path for Pedestrian Agent Performing Tawaf

Aliyu Nuhu Shuaibu, Ibrahima Faye, Aamir Saeed Malik, and Mohammed Talal Simsim


Cross-Reading by Leveraging a Hybrid Index of Heterogeneous Information

Shansong Yang, Weiming Lu, and Baogang Wei


Human Activity Recognition from Basic Actions using Finite State Machine

Nattapon Noorit and Nikom Suvonvorn


Information Retrieval and Visualization - 5


A Study for Effective Binary Classification Approaches for Cancer Microarray Gene Expression Profile

Hala Alshamlan, Ghada Badr, and Yousef Alohali


An Efficient Perceptual Color Indexing Method for Content-based Image Retrieval using Uniform Color Space

Ahmed Talib, Massudi Mahmuddin, Husniza Husni, and Loay E. George


Holographic Projection System with 3D Spatial Interaction

Sooyeon Lim, and Sangwook Kim


Leveraging Post Level Quality Indicators in Online Forum Thread Retrieval

Ameer Taw
fik Albaham, Naomie Salim, and Obasa Isiaka Adekunle


Information System - 6


A Framework to Predict Software “Quality in Use” from Software Reviews

Issa Atoumand Chih How Bong


A Unified Framework for Business Process Intelligence

Abid Sohail and Dhanapal Durai Dominic


Effective Risk Management (ERM) of Software Projects: A General Literature Review and an Exploratory One

Uzair Iqbal Janjua, Alan Oxley, and Jafreezal Bin Jaffer


Adaptive Questionnaire Ontology in Gathering Patient Medical History in Diabetes Domain

Sherimon P.C., Vinu P.V., Reshmy Krishnan, Youssef Takroni, Yousuf AlKaabi, and Yousuf AlFarsi


Filtering of Unrelated Answers in a Cooperative Query Answering System

Maheen Bakhtyar, Lena Wiese, Katsumi Inoue, and Nam Dang


Measuring eGovernment Systems Success: An Empirical Study

Mohamed E. Edrees and Amjad Mahmood


The Comparison of CRM Model: a Baseline to Create Enterprise Architecture for Social CRM

Meyliana and Eko KBudiardjo


Mobile, Network, Grid and Cloud Computing - 7


A Model for Client Recommendation to a Desktop Grid Server

Mohammad Yaser Shafazand, Rohaya Latip, Azizol Abdullah, and Masnida Hussin


A Reliable Data Flooding in Underwater Wireless Sensor Network

Tariq Ali, Low Tang Jung, and Ibrahima Faye


Analyzing the Performance of Low Stage Interconnection Network

Mehrnaz Moudi and Mohamed Othman


Concurrent Context Free Grammars

Gairatzhan Mavlankulov, Mohamed Othman, Mohd Hasan Selamat,

and Sherzod Turaev


Effect of the Spin-orbit Interaction on Partial Entangled Quantum Network

Abdel-Haleem Abdel-Aty, Nordin Zakaria, Lee Yen Cheong, and Nasser Metwally


Enhancement of the RFID Data Management using EPCIS and e-Transaction

Worapot Jakkhupan and Somjit Arch-int


Multi-Criteria Based Algorithm for Scheduling Divisible Load

Shamsollah Ghanbari, Mohamed Othman,Wah June Leong, and Mohd

Rizam Abu Bakar


Performance Analysis of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using Queuing Theory

Aznida Hayati Zakaria, Md.Yazid Mohd Saman, Ahmad Shukri M Noor, and Ragb O. M. Saleh


Service Dynamic Substitution Approach Based on Cloud Model

Yan Gong, Lin Huang, and Ke Han


Text Summarization in Android Mobile Devices

Oi-Mean Foong , Suet-Peng Yong, and Ai-Lin Lee


The Design of Android Metadata based on Reverse Engineering using UML

Zahidah Iskandar Shah and Rosziati Ibrahim


The Idle Resource Items Workload and Implication on Different Weight Balance Rate in Grid Scheduling

Bakri Yahaya, Rohaya Latip, Azizol Abdullah and Mohamed Othman


Two-Level QoS-Oriented Downlink Packet Schedulers in LTE Networks: A Review

Nasim Ferdosian and Mohamed Othman


Using Search Results Metadata to Discover Effective Learning Objects for Mobile Devices

Rogers Phillip Bhalalusesa and Muhammad Rafie Mohd Arshad


Web Data, Services and Intelligence - 8


Analysis of Trust Models to Improve E-Commerce Multi-Agent Systems

Elham Majd and Vimala Balakrishnan


Augmenting Concept Definition in Gloss Vector Semantic Relatedness Measure using Wikipedia Article

Ahmad Pesaranghader, Ali Pesaranghader, and Azadeh Rezaei


Development of the Web Services Fuzzy Quality Models using Data Clustering Approach

Mohd Hilmi Hasan, Jafreezal Jaafar, and Mohd Fadzil Hassan


Thai Related Foreign Language Specific Web Crawling Approach

Tanaphol Suebchua, Bundit Manaskasemsak, and Arnon Rungsawang


Web Discussion Summarization: Study Review

Ibrahim Almahy and Naomie Salim


Recent Advances in Information Systems (RAIS)


A Quantitative Study for Developing A Computerized System for Bone Age Assessment in University of Malaya Medical Center

Marjan Mansourvar, Maizatul Akmar Ismail, Sameem Abdul Kareem,  Fariza Hanum Nasaruddin, and Ram Gopal Raj


Assessment of E-Loyalty Formation Model in E-Commerce with an Artificial Neural Fuzzy Interface System (ANFIS)

Nader Sohrabi Safa, Maizatul Akmar Ismail


DMM-Stream: A Density Mini-Micro Clustering Algorithm for Evolving Data Streams

Amineh Amini, Hadi Saboohi, Teh Ying Wah, and Tutut Herawan


Failure Recovery of Composite Semantic Services using Expiration Times

Hadi Saboohi, Amineh Amini, Tutut Herawan, and Sameem Abdul Kareem


Improving Dynamically Personalized E-Learning by Applying a Help-seeking Model

Yousef Radi Fares and Maizatul Akmar Ismail


Mining Educational Data for Effective Educational Resources (MEDER)


A Comparison of Three Documentation Styles for Educational Data Analysis

Sin-Ban Ho, Ian Chai, and Chuie-Hong Tan


Educational Data Mining: A Systematic Review of the Published Literature 2006-2013

Muna Al-Razgan, Atheer S. Al-Khalifa, and Hend S. Al-Khalifa


Learning Analytics: Definitions, Applications and Related Fields

Entesar A. Almosallam and Henda Chorfi Ouertani